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Ebbert Wagon
Advertising Tin Sign

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Ebbert Wagon Advertising Tin Sign   #7131

This Ebbert Wagon Advertising Tin Sign was made
in copyright 1906 by Charles W. Shonk Co., Chicago, IL.

The catalog number is illegible on the lower right hand corner.
It says No.C.102, but may be incomplete.

Design made by U.S.G.Clemens.

This is an original and NOT a reproduction.

There are 4 small mounting holes, one in each corner
and are original by the maker.

Overall, it has some fading in the color and there is normal use wear
and scattered small scratches throughout.

This is a great ad piece when wagons were still in major use
and engine driven trucks were just around the corner (so to speak).

We have seen examples of various sizes of this ad price
between several hundred to nearly four thousand dollars.

We are offering this one for $1200.00.

It is 32.5" wide by 21.5" tall including the black painted border.

Price ~ $1200.00

 Now priced at $850.00

If interested, you can call us at
or email


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